We have built our business on trust and commitment.

Our Mission

To be the preeminent advisor for multifamily disposition services throughout Arizona, consistently delivering actionable insights and world-class investment results with unrivaled client service.

Our vision is unwavering - we aspire to be the standard of excellence, the first choice of the most distinguished clients in the industry.

We have made a commitment to approach the business of multifamily advisory services with unparalleled and renewed energy coupled with a desire to know the intricacies of the market better than our competition.

With a constant eye on the multifamily landscape, we live and breathe the industry – engaging clients on a daily basis to better understand their challenges; in turn, refining our valued services to create an environment of expanded opportunities. David-Gebing’s purpose is to build trust through impeccable execution, producing outsized results for our clients – it’s why we do what we do.

Our values are timeless.
They reinforce the core principles that define the David-Gebing brand and reputation.

History and Heritage

In the summer of 1995, Cliff and Steve met in Tucson, Arizona, competing against one another on the local basketball circuit.

What was first a competitive rivalry soon became the foundation of a lifelong friendship that not even an enduring love for the game of basketball could disrupt – a friendship that was meant to be.

Cliff and Steve would go on to live together while attending The University of Arizona. There, the two developed their amity for one another, laying the groundwork for what would become the cohesion of their business partnership today.

Between their sophomore and junior years of college, Cliff and Steve headed east to Martha’s Vineyard, determined to escape the heat and experience something new. After a week of failing miserably as greenskeepers at the infamous Farm Neck Golf Club, the two were hired by Rosbeck Builders Corporation to serve in a variety of roles within the custom home building business.

Upon graduation, Cliff joined Marcus & Millichap under the firm’s Sales Internship Program and Steve resumed his career at IBM, serving as the worldwide sales and marketing manager for IBM’s emerging storage virtualization software.

In early 2005, Cliff and Steve began discussing the opportunity of reconnecting, merging their respective skill sets and professional resumes with their friendship of many years. Heading east once again, the two traveled to Martha’s Vineyard to celebrate the July 4th weekend and to finalize their business plan to become the preeminent resource for multifamily disposition services throughout Arizona.

Within months, Cliff and Steve had reunited, single-minded in their purpose to provide a level of service that was unprecedented in the Arizona apartment market – making a commitment to approach the business of multifamily brokerage with unparalleled and renewed energy coupled with a desire to know the intricacies of the market better than their competition.

Cliff David

Cliff is the consummate real estate professional with an indisputable mental posture for success. He brings authenticity to the brokerage business by marrying his integrity and conviction with his heartfelt passion to help each client achieve their goals. Cliff starts his day with enthusiasm and ends it with enthusiasm, rarely seeming to tire in the middle. He exudes positive energy and optimism with transparency, candor, and follow-through.

He’s a man of great character with an innate command of his emotions and an unwavering devotion to serve as an extension of his clients’ team.

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Steve Gebing

Steve represents a new wave of investment sales broker. He’s armed with a full-bodied approach to the brokerage business that unites the best practices in sales and marketing with the most innovative property positioning techniques in the industry. Steve is a critical thinker and an eternal strategist.

He’s characterized by passion, commitment and immovable convictions that encompass the depth of true client representation. He delivers a dynamic energy and an incessant drive that can’t be overlooked, possessing a unique aptitude that goes well beyond a one-size-fits-all brokerage services provider.

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Hamid Panahi

Hamid takes the long-view approach to multifamily brokerage in which the client’s needs and interests are prioritized above his own. His demeanor can simply be described as both even keel and assertive, engaging clients on a level that instills comfort and the necessary empowerment to make sound business decisions. Preparation for each assignment and Hamid’s forward thinking ability, combined with an unmatched sense of humor and evident problem solving skills consistently produce outsized results and repeat business.

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An Award Winning Team

Through hard work and dedication, our team has been recognized as a leader and top producer in the multifamily investment brokerage business. Our culture is defined by our people, and sets the foundation for delivering real business value to our clients as their trusted advisor and brokerage professional of choice.

  • Top Specialty Division Professionals 2020 #1 of 825
  • Top Investment Professional 2020 #4 of 2,097
  • Marcus & Millichap: Top Specialty Division Professionals 2019 #1 of 622
  • Marcus & Millichap: Top Investment Professionals 2019 #7 of 2,000
  • Marcus & Millichap: Top Specialty Division Professionals 2018 #7 of 600
  • Marcus & Millichap: Top Specialty Division Professionals 2017 #8 of 550
  • Marcus & Millichap: Top Investment Professionals 2017 #13 of 1,750