Cliff David

Executive Managing Director


The University of Arizona
B.S.B.A. Finance

Partner's Perspective

Cliff is the consummate real estate professional with an indisputable mental posture for success. He brings authenticity to the brokerage business by marrying his integrity and conviction with his heartfelt passion to help each client achieve their goals. Cliff starts his day with enthusiasm and ends it with enthusiasm, rarely seeming to tire in the middle. He exudes positive energy and optimism with transparency, candor, and follow-through. He’s a man of great character with an innate command of his emotions and an unwavering devotion to serve as an extension of his clients’ team.

Underscored by his keen interpersonal communication skills and product knowledge, Cliff’s preparation provides him the confidence required to take on calculated risk – a common thread among successful people. Cliff knows how to execute, a special and distinct skill that requires knowing how to put strategy into action and push it forward to completion, through resistance, conflict, or unexpected obstacles. This execution intelligence recognizes that winning is about client results, not self-promotion. His wholehearted sincerity and never quit mentality provide for an inspired, determined investment sales broker that will not stop until he has seen his clients’ plan to completion.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Marcus & Millichap, Cliff worked for Prudential Securities where he focused on equity investments and long-term estate planning practices within their private client portfolio. In August 2002, Cliff joined Marcus & Millichap under the firm’s Sales Internship Program and shortly thereafter was recognized as Marcus & Millichap’s Top First Year Agent for the firm’s Arizona offices.

Cliff is nationally recognized within Marcus & Millichap’s National Multi Housing Group evidenced by numerous promotions through the years, including at present the title of Senior Managing Director, a title bestowed by the firm’s senior management team.